Linda L. Isaacs, MD, PC

Individualized Nutritional Protocols

Step-by-Step Instructions

This section describes the four steps you need to follow for our pre-appointment screening process. Send in your information, and then follow up by calling our office the next business day as described below.

Step 1: Understanding Our Treatment

Please review the material in the rest of this Website. If you do not know what the program involves, then we suggest you review the pages about the Treatment Program and Appointments and Costs before proceeding with the following steps.

Step 2: For Cancer Patients

If you are a cancer patient, we suggest that you see an oncologist and review your options for treatment and their effectiveness. You may wish to review the National Cancer Institute's cancer information. You may also wish to review Dr. Isaacs' article, “Deciding Whether to Pursue an Alternative Cancer Therapy.”

If you are currently receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation, we would advise you not to do this program at this time. We find that patients who combine more than one approach do not get the full benefit of any of the programs. For legal and ethical reasons, we cannot take the responsibility of advising any patient about whether or not to receive chemotherapy or radiation. Patients need to make their own decisions based on the merits of those therapies.

Step 3: Send Us Your Application and Reports

In order to assess your case, we ask that you relay the details of your condition and your medical problems to the office. Dr. Isaacs will then personally review this material. There is no charge for the pre-appointment screening. To begin the evaluation process, please send us a written description of your illness or the problem for which you want help. Write as if you are telling your story, rather than as an outline - this helps us get a better understanding of your situation.

We would suggest that the patient be the one to review this information and write this; not only does this give us more accurate information, but it also allows us to be sure that each patient understands the high degree of motivation and commitment the program demands.

Please include:

  • Patient’s name, date of birth and age
  • Address, telephone number, and fax number
  • How you heard about this office
  • Any prior interest in nutrition or alternative medicine (such an interest is not required to become a patient)
  • The type of illness, date it was diagnosed, extent of disease, recurrences
  • Dates and kinds of previous treatment
  • Current treatment recommendations
  • Other treatments being considered
  • Attitudes about current physicians
  • How disease has affected daily life and activities, ability to work
  • Any other significant health problems, past or present
  • All prescription medications
  • Height and weight; recent weight gain or loss; problems with appetite or reduced food intake
  • Difficulties eating or swallowing capsules
  • History of smoking or alcohol use
  • Support system – family, friends, spiritual
  • Who lives with patient, and relationship with person(s) in home
  • Reason for wanting an appointment in this office (a brief statement of a couple of sentences is fine)

Along with your application, please include: available copies of relevant biopsy results, blood work results, CT or MRI written reports, operative reports, etc. If you do not have immediate access to all of your medical records, go ahead and send your written description of your problem. If and when an appointment is scheduled, we would appreciate your bringing all relevant records.

Please do not send discs of CT scans or MRIs; we prefer the written reports from the radiologist. The material you send will not be returned. You may send the material by fax, mail, or delivery services such as UPS or Federal Express, or you may upload your files on our website with our secure upload service - click here to go to the upload page. You can also investigate online fax services such as,, or Please do not come by the office without an appointment. Please note that submitting your information does not create a doctor-patient relationship; this is not established until a treatment plan has begun.

Step 4: Call Us to Follow Up

The doctors will review information about prospective patients at the end of the day it is received. Because of time limitations, Dr. Isaacs is unable to speak with prospective patients, but she personally reviews all material submitted. To get her assessment, you must call our office to speak to a staff member, preferably between 2:00 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. Eastern time on the business day after your material was received.

The address and phone number are as follows:

Linda L. Isaacs, M.D.
36 East 36th Street
Suite 1A
New York, N.Y. 10016
Phone: 212-213-3337
Fax: 212-213-3414